Direct Mail

Ongoing dialogue is vital in membership marketing communications, from renewals and acquisitions to kit fulfillment and chapter involvement

Engagement Scoring

Having a formal engagement plan that determines how a member is scored & marketed to increases affiliation and involvement

Cluster Segmentation

When correctly implemented, membership growth will thrive by identifying opportunities to acquire, retain, and cultivate memberships

Member Lifecycle

Defining the various stages and milestones that your members go through and knowing how & when to market to them fittingly

Leveraging Data Analysis

Significant data exists within Foundations & Associations, utilizing it to maximize marketing efforts is key to membership growth

Donations & Endowment

Loyal & engaged members are lead sources to filling the donor pipeline, thus leading to ongoing contributions & major gifts

Membership Retention

As you know, the lifeline for any membership group starts with the loyalty and retention of its existing members, then focuses on how to acquire new members.  How you strategize, segment, and execute your association’s membership program is at the heart of continued growth and success.  Teuteberg is a national leader working with membership groups and associations, providing data-driven direct marketing solutions that include direct mail, email, dynamic web-content and database marketing analytics.

Data-Driven Marketing

When working with Teuteberg, you are getting a company that puts data at the forefront of marketing decisions.  When examining data, it removes much of the guesswork from marketing strategies and it allows for a remarkable focus to be put on the creation and execution of marketing campaigns.  These strategies not only retain the right members, but make sure new ones being acquired will remain with the organization for years to come.

Database Marketing Analytics

Proper development of ongoing analysis & reporting allows an unbiased look into how the membership marketing strategies are performing.  In the membership community, it all starts with the health of the existing member base, so knowing how they are responding and engaging with the organization is the first step.  Not all members joined the organization in the same fashion or utilize it in the same ways, so creating segmentation analysis can give a whole new view of the members.  And without the proper analytics in place, you may not be seeing the member base for all that it is.

Industry Experience

Teuteberg loves the membership and association industry, and with that passion comes a drive to always be bettering the customers we have.  We partner with member groups both large and small, so we are very well-rounded in strategies that work for all types of organizations.  We have been around long enough to have seen a lot, so our clients have come to rely on us for the newest and most innovative membership marketing strategies.  Our proven strategies and tactics will most certainly move the needle.

Additional Services

  • Membership Cards
  • Member Kit Fulfillment
  • Monthly Renewals
  • Acquisition Campaigns
  • Lapsed & Inactive Programs
  • Chapter Engagement
  • Email Services
  • Premiums & Freemiums
  • Conference Collaterals