Engagement Scoring

Identify the most engaged prospect and customer targets who are likely to respond to your marketing campaigns

Behavior Modeling

Determine who could be your next “best customer” using demographics and behaviors of your current top customers

Customer Profiling

Accumulate customer profile information to be used for segmentation and creating relevant marketing campaigns

Predictive Analysis

Use data to its fullest potential by analyzing past results to predict future outcomes for smarter marketing decisions

List Enhancement

Identify gaps and enrich existing datasets to increase data-driven decision-making power

Content Grouping

Classify similar prospects and customers into groups who will respond to alike messaging and content

The People

Our team of analysts includes a range of seasoned marketing professionals, database experts, and statisticians! Our analytics and strategy teams work closely together on a mission to transform each raw dataset into a data-driven roadmap for success, based on each customer’s unique goals.

The Process

Data is widely under-utilized in marketing planning. Our team puts data to work as a powerful tool to make informed marketing decisions. We’ll clean, profile, score and segment prospects to select the best list for your campaign, based on historical data. We take the guess work out of selecting future top customers by identifying similar demographics to existing long-term customers. We’ll also help group your database into multiple marketing “clusters” for customized, relevant content and messaging. Account review meetings and ongoing strategy sessions keep the momentum going!

The Product

Teuteberg’s analytic offerings are always evolving. We stay on top of analytical trends and roll out new offerings as we see a demand for them to resolve our customers’ business challenges. Our efforts produce clean, complete and smart marketing databases. Predictive analytics and selective targeting together have resulted in higher ROI. Plus, beyond the initial campaign results, using behavior modeling and engagement scoring to selectively target prospects often results in longer term customer retention!