Direct Mail + Email

Consistent communication is the lifeblood of player marketing, from monthly newsletters and inactive campaigns to boosters and continuity

Analytics & Reporting

Understanding how the carded database performs is critical, especially when breaking down player behavior by group

Market Breakdowns

Campaigns, offers, comps, and reinvestment must be aligned to consider all of the variables that exist in the different markets

Tiering & Segmentation

Properly executed, this leads to retention, growth, and profitability through improved reinvestment levels and increased visitation

Player Lifecycle

Defining the various stages and milestones that your players go through and marketing to each player and their stage accordingly

Hotel Utilization

Using data and offers to ensure that the hotel is at capacity with the most profitable players to maximize gaming revenues

Player Development

As you know, the lifeblood of any casino is the strength and performance of its player database.  How you segment, tier, and develop your casino’s player loyalty program is at the heart of continued growth and profitability.  Teuteberg is a national leader in the gaming industry, providing data-driven direct marketing solutions that include direct mail, email, dynamic web-content and database marketing analytics.

Data-Driven Marketing

Through a partnership with Teuteberg, we look for ways to grow player development programs that increase revenues in substantial ways, while actively managing various costs, which include player rewards, comps, and incentives.  These strategies help attract and retain the right players, ensuring that we are maximizing profitable play, while still providing guests with lucrative and enticing offers.

Database Marketing Analytics

Development of ongoing analysis & reporting is imperative to show how player development strategies are impacting key casino performance metrics.  Many times, there are segments of players who are not marketed to accordingly and changing their offers can dramatically increase play and revenues.  But without the proper analytics in place, these types of changes could be being made to the wrong segments, thus negatively impacting play.

Industry Experience

When partnering with Teuteberg, you are adding a valuable extension to your team that will focus relentlessly on growing loyalty, revenues and profitability with our direct marketing strategies.  Our growth in the industry has been fueled by great customers and the wealth of gaming experience we have allows us to implement proven strategies and tactics that will move the needle.

Additional Services

  • Monthly Mail Programs
  • Player Reacquisition Campaigns
  • VIP & Tiered Card Programs
  • Host Analytics + Hit Lists
  • Online Player Offer Portals
  • Continuity Programs
  • New Member Bounce-back
  • Social & Digital Media
  • Personalized Player Calendar